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Market Opener 24 May 2022

US equities markets higher overnight, but futures have fallen this morning. Brent crude and copper also higher; nickel lower. International PMI updates today and tonight. Fluid geopolitical relations.   (read more)

24 MAY 2022 07:58

Market Opener 23 May 2022

Australian government set to be a Labor-led coalition. RBA bond purchase views pre-trade. US equities futures higher. Overnight Friday oil, iron ore and aluminium higher; nickel lower. Major international economic reports and key US retail earnings from t   (read more)

23 MAY 2022 07:49

State One Spinnaker - 22 May 2022

Weekly newsletter featuring Global Wrap, Economic Calendar, All Ords Top 10, S & P Indices, and Commodity Price Charts.   (read more)

22 MAY 2022 12:00

Market Opener 20 May 2022

Overnight $A, oil, iron ore, gold, copper, nickel and aluminium higher; US equities lower. Material regional data in hand pre-trade. Final day of domestic national parliamentary election campaigning. Key UK and euro zone data tonight. Friday.   (read more)

20 MAY 2022 07:56

Market Opener 19 May 2022

Overnight $A, US equities, key commodities lower. Domestic employment figures late morning. Major domestic bank ex-dividend. Batch of domestic earnings reports. European Central Bank policy meeting minutes tonight.   (read more)

19 MAY 2022 07:56

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State One is a trading and clearing participant for both Australian's leading stock exchanges. We offer the best access to liquidity and fastest execution times. Read more...

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