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Market Opener 15 October 2021

Overnight international equities sentiment, iron ore, oil, copper, nickel, aluminium and platinum higher. Domestic business lending report 11.30am. RIO production figures and guidance in hand. Batch of key US data releases tonight. Energy costs and logist   (read more)

15 OCT 2021 06:51

Market Opener 14 October 2021

Batch of influential domestic and regional data in hand or due by early afternoon. Overnight $A, gold, copper and zinc higher; iron ore lower. Mixed US equities leads. Key US data tonight.   (read more)

14 OCT 2021 07:00

Market Opener 13 October 2021

New overnight regional and domestic data in hand. Additional material economic reports, including China trade figures by 2pm. Overnight US equities, iron ore, copper and nickel lower. GDP and CPI updates, plus US Fed Reserve policy meeting minutes tonight   (read more)

13 OCT 2021 06:57

Market Opener 12 October 2021

Material domestic and regional economic reports due by the middle of the day. Overnight $A, oil, copper, aluminium and iron ore higher; US equities and nickel lower. Ongoing energy supplies and costs focus.   (read more)

12 OCT 2021 06:57

Market Opener 11 October 2021

Energy, inflation, domestic Covid-19 management and regional security concerns in focus. Overnight Friday oil, iron ore and base metals higher. US public holiday but markets (excl bond) open tonight.   (read more)

11 OCT 2021 07:00

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State One is a trading and clearing participant for both Australian's leading stock exchanges. We offer the best access to liquidity and fastest execution times. Read more...

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