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State One's ASX transactions for 2011 exceed $4.86 billion

State One's ASX transactions for 2011 exceed $4.86 billion, an increase of more than 16% on the preceding year. 

16 JAN 2012 02:00

CFD Margin Calls

Readers may have read in the newspapers recently about the global difficulties of derivatives broker MF Global . If you are a client of State One, you can rest assured that neither we nor our clients are exposed to CFD products. 

03 NOV 2011 02:32

State One transacts over 3 billion

State One Stockbroking Ltd, has transacted over 3 billion dollars’ worth of ASX trades in the first six months to June 2011. State One is consistently averaging over half a billion dollars of trades each month.  

05 JUL 2011 02:11

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