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State One Spinnaker - 24 Apr 2022

Weekly newsletter featuring Global Wrap, Economic Calendar, All Ords Top 10, S & P Indices, and Commodity Price Charts.  (read more)

24/04/2022 12:00:00 AM

Market Opener 22 April 2022

The $A and US equities fell overnight. Oil, copper, nickel and aluminium rose. International PMI updates today and tonight. Friday. Australia Monday public holiday weekend.  (read more)

22/04/2022 8:00:00 AM

Market Opener 21 April 2022

Mixed overnight US equities and general commodities trade. Copper and nickel traded lower. International economic growth prospects and geopolitical relations remain in focus.  (read more)

21/04/2022 8:03:00 AM

Market Opener 20 April 2022

Overnight US equities higher; futures lower this morning. Oil, gold & aluminium lower; nickel higher. China rates announcement & domestic leading index late morning. Russia-Ukraine, domestic national election, growth & inflation forecasts in focus.  (read more)

20/04/2022 7:55:00 AM

Market Opener 19 April 2022

Overnight $A and US equities lower. Oil and gold higher. Overnight Thursday, LME nickel and aluminium higher. RBA policy meeting minutes late morning. Raft of influential data in hand from China. UK and European markets trade for the first time this week  (read more)

19/04/2022 7:55:00 AM

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