Why State One?

Our benefits to you:

  • We are very well acquainted with the needs of the private investor;
  • We are strong believers in a service culture;
  • Our brokerage rates are highly competitive.

A few pointers about State One & its advisory services:

  • Totally Australian owned - offices in Perth & Sydney;
  • Providing an exceptional level of client service since 1994;
  • Not exposed to higher risk overseas markets or leveraged instruments;
  • As a full trading, clearing & settlement Participant of ASX and a trading Participant of Chi-X we provide clients the protection of the National Guarantee Fund;
  • Our advisors are available to answer all your calls promptly & professionally - no phone menus;
  • We focus on ordinary shares - we won't encourage you to trade/invest in (higher risk) derivatives or foreign markets;
  • We are not a bank - we are part of a specialist stockbroking group;
  • Our advisors are fluent in numerous languages including Cantonese, Mandarin & Malay;
  • We value the time-honoured ethics of the professional stockbroker - we seek at all times to offer a reputable, reliable, value for money service to our clients.
  • In addition to the traditional phone-based advisory service, State One offers:
    • Highly reliable and time-efficient online order placement;
    • Online viewing of your accounts - including ledgers, contract notes, cash balances and portfolios;
    • Online viewing of share prices, stock charts, watch lists, portfolios and more.
    • Participation in IPOs and other fund raising activities at a discount.

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