WebIRESS overview

The truly dynamic, browser-based webIRESS is the Australian industry standard for share market information & trading.

With webIRESS you trade directly into the markets at the same speed as an ASX Participant stockbroker.

Some typical webIRESS screen views:

webIRESS offers the following functions:

  • Real time market equities prices
  • Full market-depth on all stocks
  • Live ASX company reports
  • Historical trade data
  • Real-time charts (including intraday) with wide-ranging and powerful features
  • Price alerts with email notification
  • Market activity information
  • Trade ticker
  • Live international market information
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Historical time series database, including past dividends
  • Contingent/stop loss orders (requires signing of the Contingent/Stop loss Agreement Form)

Please note: Although State One does apply filters to prevent mishaps when trading through webIRESS, at no stage do we interfere with or impede your orders.

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